Installing Python Libraries to ~access


  • Uses pip to download the package from PyPI into ~access/apps/pythonlib
  • Reads the dependency information from PyPI
  • Sets up module file

Install a Python library & module to the ACCESS area
 access-pip [-h] [-s SUFFIX] [-m MODULE]* [--version VERSION] LIBNAME
 LIBNAME              : Library to install
 --version VERSION    : Install a specific version of the library
 -i | --install       : Install to ~access (without this will install to DEST for testing)
 -s | --suffix SUFFIX : Add a suffix (e.g to select between different MPI versions) to the install path
 -m | --module MODULE : Load a pre-requisite module while installing (multiple pre-requisites are allowed)
 -d | --dest DEST     : Install to DEST instead of /short/$PROJECT/$USER
 -h | --help          : Display this help