This version is from 2013. Look for the latest version available at NCI at this page.

WRF-CHEM (version 3.5.1) Installation

Source Code

The source code tar files of WRF, WRF-CHEM, and WPS (V3.5.1) have been downloaded and placed in the subdirectory /projects/WRF/Downloads on the RAIJIN cluster. The uncompressed source code for V3.5.1 of WRF (including WRF-CHEM) and WPS, which have been ported to build on RAIJIN cluster, is located in the subdirectory /projects/WRF/WRFV_3.5.1_Chem.

How to build WRF-Chem V3.5.1

Make a copy of the WRF-CHEM source, which you can find on Raijin at /projects/WRF/WRFV_3.5.1_Chem

If you wish to use the Kinetic Pre-Processor (KPP) run the following commands:
export WRF_KPP=1
export FLEX_LIB_DIR=/usr/lib64
export YACC="/usr/bin/yacc -d"

You can then configure and submit the build to the queue. Note that you first need to set some additional environment variables to turn on the EM core and chemistry
# bash
module load intel-fc
module load openmpi
module load netcdf
export EM_CORE=1
export WRF_CHEM=1
# Answer ./configure questions as normal...
qsub -q express -v PROJECT,WRF_CHEM,EM_CORE run_compile

How to make a WRF-Chem test run

Sample Data Set

A sample data set from GFS has been placed in /projects/WRF/data/wrfchem-tut/GFS for doing a test run.

Running WPS

The instruction is the same as here except below:
cd WPS
rm -f Vtable
ln -s ungrib/Variable_Tables/Vtable.GFS .
mv namelist.wps namelist.wps.bak
cp namelist.wps.chem namelist.wps
./link_grib.csh /projects/WRF/data/wrfchem-tut/GFS/*

Running WRF

The instruction is the same as here except below:
cd WRFV3/run
mv namelist.input namelist.input.old
mv namelist.input.chem namelist.input


WRF-Chem User Guide

If you have any problems with above, please feel free to email us at