This version is from 2011. Look for the latest version available at NCI at this page.

WRF (version 3.3.1) Installation

Source Code

The source code tar files of WRF and WPS (V3.3.1) have been downloaded and placed in the subdirectory /projects/WRF/Downloads on the RAIJIN cluster. The uncompressed source code for V3.3.1 of WRF and WPS, which have been ported to build on RAIJIN cluster, is located in the subdirectory /projects/WRF/WRFV_3.3.1.

How to build WRF V3.3.1

The instruction is the same as that documented for building WRF V3.3 (, except that you need to copy the WRF and WPS files from /projects/WRF/WRFV_3.3.1 to your personal sub-directories in short (e.g. /short/$PROJECT/$USER/WRF/WRFV_3.3.1).