The Unified Model is the atmospheric component of ACCESS, developed by the UK's Met Office. The Centre of Excellence sublicences the UM from CAWCR, our licence allows us to run the UM at NCI only. To run the UM you will first need an NCI account, then ask for connection to the ACCESS group through NCI's account website.

The ACCESS climate models are based on version 7.3 of the UM, most Australian university research uses this version. The Bureau makes use of the more recent version 7.8 for forecasting, and is evaluating moving to version 8.2. These are the primary versions supported at NCI, other versions are available but may not be quite as well tested. Different versions include changed science configurations, for details see the changelog.

Getting Started

The UM is configured through a graphical interface, which is run from the server See Setting up the environment for how to connect.

UM 10 / Global Atmosphere

The current version of the Unified Model is available from the Met Office's repository site

ARCCSS researchers need to email to request an account on the Met Office server.

Supported Experiments

Experiments in Preparation

This list contains Models and Experiments that are currently adapted for NCI and/or developed, but are not yet operational for scientific use at ARCCSS

Links & More Information

UM 7.3 / ACCESS 1.x

The ACCESS climate model as used in CMIP5 uses model version 7.3. This version of the model uses the older `UMUI` user interface

Links & More Information


Assorted information on running the UM and available job configurations is listed in the sections below. Feel free to email if you have any difficulties using the UM or suggestions for how we can make using the UM simpler.

Getting Help with the UM
Common Errors

Starting Up

New UM User message
Building the UM
Standard UM Runs
Running the UM using automatic resubmission
Recovering from an interrupted job
UM Helper Scripts
Moving UM jobs to Raijin
Running the UM with Rose

Run Types

Single Column
KPP Coupling
ACCESS-C High-resolution NWP
UM Nested Models
Limited Area

UKCA Tutorials
CAWCR's ACCESS experiment library (log in with your NCI account)

Common Errors

If a run fails, search for 'UM ERROR' in the .leave file to see what went wrong. Common issues are listed here


Known UM failures at UKMO

Job Input

UM Ancillary files
Concatenate AMIP Ancillaries
Copying CO2 values
Modifying UM files with Mule

Job Output

Copying STASH settings between jobs
UM output filename convention
Analysing UM outputs & Converting to NetCDF
Archiving Output
Comparing UM Files
Mapping UM outputs to CMIP fields

Modifying the UM

UM Source Control
User fields
Oasis Coupling with the UM
Oasis coupling in UM 8.5
Profiling MPI
Hand Edits


UM Version Summaries
UM Run Scripts
Downloading from MASS

Work in progress

SCM with ERA-Interim


UM Documentation (Requires NCI password)
Getting started with UM and UMUI
Met Office Wiki - Contact or climate_help to register
Met Office mailing list (Read by scientists at the Met Office) - Contact
ACCESS users mailing list (Notifications about ACCESS systems) - Contact climate_help

UM Admin
UM Partial guides