OFES is the output of the Ocean General Circulation Model for the Earth Simulator decadal integrations of eddy resolving ocean simulations in the world ocean. This data is produced and provided by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).

The horizontal resolution is 0.1 degree and the number of vertical levels is 54. The domain is from 75°S to 75°N excluding arctic regions. The OFES climatological simulation was spun-up for 50 years from observation data without motion (see details in Masumoto et al., 2004).
this and more information can be found on the OFES webpage.


The OFES outputs may be used for research purposes for free under **the terms and conditions**.

OFES on raijin

OFES hindmost simulation is available on raijin under the rq5 project to anyone in the v45 group. If you re not part of v45 and want to use this data please send an e-mail to climate_help@nci.org.au .

2D data:
  • /g/data/rq5/OFES_0.1_HIND/DATA_2D/snap_3day/y<YYYY>/<variable>/<files>
3D data:
  • /g/data/rq5/OFES_0.1_HIND/DATA_3D/ ...
    • .../snap_3day/y<YYYY>/<variable>/<files>
    • .../mean_31yrs/<files>
where mean_31yrs has averages for the entire period 1980-2010 for the wind components, salinity and ocean temperature.


Climatological simulation:
Hindcast simulation:


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