CMIP induction and ARCCSSive training

  • We added to the NCI online training website a CMIP induction which includes training on how to use the ARCCSSive python module. To access the course use your NCI account to login here


  • JRA-55 based surface dataset for driving ocean-sea ice models, JRA55-do v 0.8 and v1.1 are now available in /g/data1/ua8/JRA55-do/v0-8 (v1-1). This dataset is covered by a license and it's not officially published yet, so you shouldn't re-distribute it. Please, follow Terms of Use available in the main directory.

WRF v3.9

  • The latest version of WRF (v3.9) is now available on Raijin. Please find detailed instructions here

Conda Updates

  • https://accessdev.nci.org.au/trac/wiki/User%20Guides/conda
    • wrf-python A collection of diagnostic and interpolation routines for use with output from the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF-ARW) Model.
    • pyferret PyFerret is a Python module wrapping Ferret. The pyferret module provides Python functions so Python users can easily take advantage of the Ferret's abilities to retrieve, manipulate, visualize, and save data. (Python 2.7 only)
    • SymPy SymPy is a Python library for symbolic mathematics. It aims to become a full-featured computer algebra system (CAS) while keeping the code as simple as possible in order to be comprehensible and easily extensible. SymPy is written entirely in Python.


Data collections Updates

  • Expansion of MERRA-2 collection at NCI with the inst3d_3d_asm_Np data. View MERRA-2 page

UM10.6 GA7


module use /g/data3/hh5/public/modules
module load lrose

Conda Updates

  • Several packages have been added to the public Anaconda environments https://accessdev.nci.org.au/trac/wiki/User%20Guides/conda
    • metpy: MetPy is a collection of tools in Python for reading, visualizing and performing calculations with weather data.
    • windspharm: windspharm is a Python package for performing computations on global wind fields in spherical geometry.
    • python-cdo: Python bindings for CDO
    • pyart: The Python ARM Radar Toolkit
    • bokeh: Bokeh is a Python interactive visualization library that targets modern web browsers for presentation.


Python libraries at NCI

  • We've moved the Python libraries installed with Miniconda to a public space (/g/data3/hh5/public/modules) so there is no need anymore to be part of ACCESS to use it. See the updated instructions

UM Newsletter

Massdata utility

  • Are you moving data to/from massdata? Are you having issues with the copy stopping in the middle of things and impossibility to restart from where it failed? Aidan wrote a small utility to help with that. It’s available to anyone, info: https://github.com/coecms/mdssdiff



  • The latest release of MPAS-Atmosphere has been installed on Raijin. This model will probably supplant WRF sometime in the future.

Python libraries at NCI

  • We've installed some Python libraries using Miniconda in /g/data1/access. The aim is to facilitate access to and management of commonly used Python libraries on Raijin, Accessdev and VDI. It also enables users to locally install their own libraries using Miniconda without duplicating the centrally installed libraries. For the moment, users have to be part of the ACCESS group on Raijin to use these (if you are not, just ask access on my.nci.org.au) but we plan to make it public access. More details are here.

Sharing facility at NCI

  • We worked at NCI to enable users to share data stored on Raijn with collaborators who don't have access to NCI. This is aimed for work in progress which can not be published and opened publicly. The files are accessible for a short time only to allow your collaborators to download them to their own storage. We are working on making it user-friendly but if you need to share some data in the meantime, please ask climate_help@nci.org.au.

Updating OpenMPI library for MOM

  • After the new quarter maintenance, some MOM jobs experienced some stalling behaviour at the end of the job. This mainly affect large configurations (0.1°). The fix is to recompile MOM using the openmpi/10.2.1 version. If you don't know whether you should worry about it or how to recompile, please contact climate_help@nci.org.au.


  • The latest manual is now on the CMS wiki. Just follow the NU-WRF link in the navigation sidebar.




  • The Accesscollab UMUI server is no longer supported, and we can't guarantee the safety of data on it. Please move any data on the 'Collab' page of the UMUI to the 'Accessdev' or 'Collab(local)' page. The 'Collab (local)' page contains copies of the Accescollab database from last year, if your jobs are present there no further action is required.
    To move an experiment folder right click on it and select 'copy' then go to the 'accessedev' or 'collab(local)' page and use the 'paste' button in the top right of umuix to copy all jobs in that folder.
  • NIWA's um2netcdf.x conversion script is now available as ACCESS module um2netcdf-niwa https://github.com/adeytown/um2netcdf