NCI organises the members along projects. The project codes have the form a12, aa1 or a name. These different forms design projects with different purposes:
Project code
These are compute projects. They receive compute time allocations and can be used to run simulations, analyses or any code in batch mode.
These are data projects. NCI is more than a supercomputer providing High Performance Computing capabilities. It also hosts a large amount of datasets. There are all kinds of datasets at NCI: replica of international datasets (both public and under licence), published datasets from Australian institutions with either public or restricted access. The aim is to avoid duplications of datasets on the system, please do not download data to your own space before checking for central resources.
These are software projects. They enable to manage access to resources for people using a specific software only. E.g. access and cable groups.

The major projects used at the Centre are:
Project code
Lead CI
Extra-tropics variability compute project
Andy Hogg
Drought compute project
Claire Carouge
Extreme rainfall compute project
Todd Lane
Extreme rainfall compute project
Abhnil Prasad
Tropical variability compute project
Dietmar Dommenget
Heatwaves compute project
David Karoly
Share /g/data storage across the Centre
Claire Carouge
Centre-produced published datasets
Paola Petrelli
There are a lot of useful datasets for the Centre's users. These projects aren't listed here as the list is changing regularly. Please refer to our wiki Data Services section or the NCI data catalogue to find datasets hosted at NCI.