JRA55- Driving Ocean is a surface dataset based on JRA-55 for use in driving ocean - sea ice models. The dataset consists of nine atmospheric variables necessary for computing surface fluxes as well as fresh water runoff to the ocean. All of the atmospheric variables are derived from the forecast phase of JRA-55 and are three hourly. Temporal coverage is from 1st of January 1958 to 19 of February 2017.
For more information on this dataset please refer to the readme file for v1-3 and from the UCAR website: http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/events/wg-meetings/2018/presentations/omwg/kim.pdf


Terms of Use for this dataset are available here. NB this should be soon updated, since the dataset will be officially published as part of the ana4MIPs project. the citation also will be soon updated as soon as the paper will be published.
This dataset should be used only to drive ocean models, it is not suitable for analysis.

Tsujino H, Urakawa S, Nakano H, Small RJ, Kim WM, Yeager SG, Danabasoglu G, Suzuki T, Bamber JL, Bentsen M, Böning C, Bozec A, Chassignet E, Curchitser E, Dias FB, Durack PJ, Grif- es SM, Harada Y, Ilicak M, Josey SA, Kobayashi C, Kobayashi S, Komuro Y, Large WG, Le Sommer J, Marsland SJ, Masina S, Scheinert M, Tomita H, Valdivieso M, Yamazaki D (2017) JRA-55 based surface dataset for driving ocean-sea-ice models (JRA55-do). Ocean Model (submitted)

JRA55-do on raijin

JRA55-do is available on raijin under the ua8 project:


This dataset is for internal use only, if you're not part of our ocean modelling group please contact climate_help@nci.org.au to arrange access.