CWSlab is a project funded by NeCTAR to create a 'Virtual Laboratory' for running Climate & Weather simulations at NCI. It has been primarily developed by CAWCR and NCI with development assistance from ARCCSS CMS.

There are four sub-projects in CWSlab, which aim to extend existing facilities in order to create an integrated laboratory

Model Submission

CWSlab's model submission server is known as 'Accessdev'. This is an upgrade of the 'Accesscollab' server that is used to configure and run the UKMO Unified Model. As well as supporting the 'UMUI' job submission program 'Accessdev' also supports UKMO's new 'Rose' job configuration tool.

Model Analysis

The Model analysis service aims to provide an improved interface to CSIRO's 'Pipeline' tool that was heavily used as part of the CMIP5 post-processing for the ACCESS model. It uses a graphical tool called 'Vistrails' to encapsulate and chain together different analyses, creating shareable workflows.


Tool and manual:

Data Catalogue

The CWSlab data catalogue provides a platform for publishing and sharing climate data at NCI. This is an extension of the NCI Earth-System Grid node that provides global access for data from the CMIP5 project.

Web Portal

The Web Portal provides a public interface to models run using CWSlab, with searchable lists of published model runs and outputs.