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NOAA CPC MORPHing technique: high resolution precipitation (60S-60N) v1.0
CMORPH produces global precipitation analyses at very high spatial and temporal resolution. This technique uses precipitation estimates that have been derived from low orbiter satellite microwave observations exclusively, and whose features are transported via spatial propagation information that is obtained entirely from geostationary satellite IR data.
The grid resolution is 0.07277 degrees lat/lon (8 km at the equator) and temporal resolution is 30 minutes. With regard to spatial resolution, although the precipitation estimates are available on a grid with a spacing of 8 km (at the equator), the resolution of the individual satellite-derived estimates is coarser than that - more on the order of 12 x 15 km or so. The finer "resolution" is obtained via interpolation. (source CPC website )
The original data is downloaded from the NOAA CPC ftp server.
More information is available on the CPC website and the data climate guide website .

Terms of use

CMORPH on raijin

This dataset is available on raijin under the ua8 project

--> raw/8km-30min/YYYY/YYYYMM/CMORPH_V1.0_RAW_8km-30min_YYYYMMDDHH are the original binary files

--> netcdf/YYYY/ for the converted netcdf files