The CESM Large Ensemble Project is a publically available set of climate model simulations intended for advancing understanding of internal climate variability and climate change. All simulations are performed with the nominal 1-degree latitude/longitude version of the Community Earth System Model version 1 (CESM1) with CAM5.2 as its atmospheric component.
For more information: CESM1 LENS website
You can find known issues with this dataset listed in the same website.

Terms of use

From the CESM LENS project website:
When presenting results based on the CESM Large Ensemble in either oral or written form, please acknowledge the CESM Large Ensemble Community Project and supercomputing resources provided by NSF/CISL/Yellowstone, and reference Kay et al. (2015):
Kay, J. E., Deser, C., Phillips, A., Mai, A., Hannay, C., Strand, G., Arblaster, J., Bates, S., Danabasoglu, G., Edwards, J., Holland, M. Kushner, P., Lamarque, J.-F., Lawrence, D., Lindsay, K., Middleton, A., Munoz, E., Neale, R., Oleson, K., Polvani, L., and M. Vertenstein (2015), The Community Earth System Model (CESM) Large Ensemble Project: A Community Resource for Studying Climate Change in the Presence of Internal Climate Variability, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-13-00255.1, 96, 1333-1349 [Article]

CESM1-CAM5-BGC-LE on raijin

We downloaded a subset of the entire collection, both monthly and daily fields. For each selected variables we downloaded all the available ensembles ??.
The data was downloaded from the NCAR earth system website and it will be eventually hosted as part of the ua6 project.
The current location on raijin is:



NB All the ensembles are stored in the same directory, this is a temporary arrangement and might change without notice!

Atmosphere monthly fields:
  • T - temperature V6
  • TS - surface temperature V7
  • TSMN - minimum temperature V6
  • TSMX - maximum temperature V6
  • PRECT - precipitation V2
  • ps pressure V?
  • PSL sea level pressure V7
  • TAUX zonal surface stress V6
  • TAUY meridional surface stress V6
  • OMEGA - vertical velocity V6

Atmosphere daily fields:
  • Z500 - geopotential height at 500mbar V6
  • TS - surface temperature V6
  • PRECT - precipitation V2

Ocean monthly fields:
  • HBLT - boundary-layer depth V8
  • HMXL - mixed layer depth V8
  • SSH - sea surface height V8
  • SST - potential temperature V8
  • TEMP - potential temperature V8

Ice monthly fields:
  • aice - sea ice area V6

Land monthly fields:
  • QOVER - surface runoff V7
  • QRUNOFF - total liquid runoff V7