Land Information System (LIS) is a software framework for high performance land surface modeling and data assimilation, which is led by the Hydrological Sciences Branch at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The advantages of Community Atmosphere Biosphere Land Exchange (CABLE) coupling into LIS include: (1) it greatly simplifies the coupling of CABLE into WRF; (2) it simplifies the comparison of CABLE results with results of other land surface models; and (3) LIS has the capability for input parameters optimisation and data assimilation.

LIS Software Usage Restriction

If you are a research staff or research student in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, the LIS software then may be used. If you are not sure whether you are covered or not, please contact Andy Pitman

Getting Source Code

To obtain the tar file of complied source code that has been customised to NCI VAYU cluster, please contact

The current LIS-CABLE version is 6.1rp2, which has included coupling of an earlier version (provided by Gab Abramowitz) of CABLE into LIS.

How to build LIS

What you need to do is just uncompressing the tar file of LIS-CABLE. The files will be uncompressed to the directory LIS-CABLE_6.1rp2

How to run test case

Enter sub-directory "run" under the directory you have uncompressed to, run:

cd LIS-CABLE_6.1rp2/run

To run the test case, use the script run_lis to submit it to the job queue.

qsub run_lis

Future Work

(1) The latest version of CABLE (>=1.9b) will need to be coupled into LIS. This will replace earlier version of CABLE (that had been coupled into LIS) with the latest one.

(2) The CABLE will need to be incorporated into every new release of LIS (>6.1rp2)